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CRI Part Number OEM Part Number Description
CRM-80140 2073020291 Mobile Knife
CRM-80202 2078045091 #5 External Single Groove Roller
CRM-80203 2066544021 #4 External Single Groove Roller
CRM-80204 2066542051 #3 External Single Groove Roller
CRM-80205 2066544011 #4 External Double Groove Roller
CRM-80206 2066542021 #4 External Double Groove Roller
CRM-80207 2078045021 #5 External Double Groove Roller
CRM-80208 2073020102 #5 Double Strand Fixed Blade
CRM-80217 2078060101 Transport Wheel, Coil 20
CRM-80325 2070005031 Transport Wheel, Coil 18
CRM-80323 2570015110 Inside Split Roller
CRM-80324 2570015090 Outside Split Roller
Fixed Blades with Replaceable Inserts for all sizes. Replaceable Inserts for Fixed Blades.